An Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Guide to Gifts for Kids

Unfortunately, a lot of the toys that are in homes today or are largely popular are toxic and leaking BPA, phthalates, and even lead into our children and homes. I won’t even go into the environmental impact because we all know plastic waste = bad for the environment. Thankfully more and more companies are offering safe and eco-friendly options. 

Sustainable Brands

A few favorite companies that you’ll see a lot of below is Haba and PlanToys. Along with these companies, organic cotton toys are always a great sustainable option.


Haba is a fantastic eco-friendly and non-toxic company with high quality toys. The wood is all from sustainable forests and the paint is all water based free of solvents. When any plastic is used, they use the safest plastics, polypropylene or ABS. All of it’s toys are safety certified in Europe which has much higher standards than the U.S.


PlanToys uses sustainable practices and sustainable materials. PlanToys uses non-formaldehyde glue, organic color pigment, water based dyes, soy ink and recycled paper. They even use solar energy in their manufacturing.

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Infant & Toddler

Organic Cotton Activity Bear

Organic Cotton Cuddle Bunny

PlanToys Push Car

Haba Color Pyramid

Haba Rattle & Bouncing Toy

Haba Play Gym

PlanToys Push Walker

PlanToys Pull Along Rabbit

Organic Belle Cow

Organic Cotton Tunnel

Toddler & Preschool Age

PlanToys Forest Animal Playset

Cactus Stacker

Haba Garden Peg Stacker

Haba Take Along Farm Play Set

Haba Snug Up Doll

PlanToys Ride On Bike

PlanToys Dinosaur Play Set

PlanToys Kitchen Set

PlanToys My First Doll House

PlanToys Blocks


Fantasy Block Set

PlanToys Croquet

PlanToys Pinball

PlanToys Trimono Bugs Game and Puzzle

PlanToys Balancing Monkeys

PlanToys Banjolele

You may also find Best Eco Friendly Toddler Products helpful!

Comment below about your favorite ways to stay Eco friendly around gift giving!

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