Don’t Touch My Baby, Seriously

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     I am not sure why this does not go without saying, but please, keep your hands off my baby. This little human is new here, she doesn’t know you have germs, or really, who you even are. She spent nearly ten months in my body, where I could protect her, and I might just lose it if you touch her. I am new to motherhood, and we are busy trying to figure out this thing that is parenting and how to protect this little baby in this world. Please don’t make it harder for me. I already have thousands of anxieties running through my head. Please don’t make me panic about whether or not that sniffle noise you just made was just allergies or if my baby could be in the hospital next week.

     I know she is cute. I know you love little baby toes and fingers and faces. You are welcome to say hi. From a distance. It was already so hard to leave the house. Figuring out what to bring, how I will feed her, if she’ll be happy, or cry at all the newness. Please don’t add to all this chaos that you probably can’t see.

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      If I am not handing her to you, don’t reach for her. If I didn’t say for you to touch her or even get close, please give us space. Admire from a distance. She is a human too, even if you swear up and down you have no germs and you washed your hands, she has a right to space as well; a right to know the people touching her. 

     I am so happy you like my baby. I am so happy you are offering kindness and compassion, but please offer in other ways. You may not hold my baby. You may not touch my baby. What may be a small cold for you could mean the end of the line for her. 

     Ease my worried mama mind. Take a few steps back. Offer kindness, admire us in our state of newness, but please give us our space to figure it all out.

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20 Comments on “Don’t Touch My Baby, Seriously

  1. I have three boys and completely understand what you’re saying here. Your baby is much more important than someone’s feelings!!

  2. Amen Momma! I go into instant momma bear rage when someone I don’t know touches my baby and honestly I think I get even more irritated if someone I do know touches my baby on the face, because they know me and know better. Also, the whole, “it’s just allergies”. So what, snot has bacteria, back off!

  3. Yes! It’s just like when people touch your belly only 10x worse. Please just don’t.

  4. Oh my gosh does this ever ring home for me! It’s been eight years since my baby was a baby but i can still remember soooo clearly how frustrating it was when people would touch and grab at the baby without asking! Some people can be kind of insane right?! Lol you’d think it would be a given! Great post, you said it perfectly!!

  5. Yep, I even have a sign on the stroller asking not to touch and they still try to. Not! Some people are so inconsiderate. I never leave home without the antibacterial wipes

  6. I saw an older woman in a thrift store touching a lady’s baby and said that it’s good for babies if you touch them and started petting the kid’s head. All the moms around her raised an eyebrow and someone had the guts to say, “You can’t just touch someone’s baby.” We all know it. Why do people still do it?

    • How awful! Sure germ exposure is good in certain instances but over exposure too early can really cause serious issues! Also, that poor baby was probably so weirded out.

  7. Amen! I absolutely don’t like it when strangers touch my kiddos. I see so many posts around about babies falling ill by being touched by a stranger. It’s scary!

  8. I felt the same way at one point in my life. Not anymore. Germs don’t scare me the way they once did and it’s truly freeing.

    • I honestly have no issue with germs and I’m all about exposure, but my little had health complications as a newborn so I was so worried about her getting sick.

  9. Yesss!!! I hated feeling like everyone wanted to hold and touch my baby. I’ll give him to you if and when I’m ready.

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