Our Big Announcement!

Making The Decision To RV Full Time

From Santa Cruz, CA to Bend, Oregon, and to our current home Montpelier, Vermont, we have explored dozens of small towns and big cities, driven cross country, sold all our belongings and relocated (twice), and lived on opposite ends of the U.S., yet, we are wanting to go again! We’ve been considering moving to Washington as we miss the West Coast, yet want to avoid wildfires (OK maybe you can’t avoid them in Washington either), but really we just aren’t sure where to land. We are over moving, yet not content in staying still. Solution? RVing.

We’ve made the decision to become full time RVers this coming spring. We’ve decided the best thing for us is to pause the hamster wheel, jump out of the cage, and get on an adventure. A real, never experienced this and have no idea what we’re doing kind of adventure. 

And we are bringing our toddler (duh), two dogs, one cat, and a fish named cookie.

Are we crazy? Maybe a little, but we manage all this craziness in a home where I stay at home by myself with all these crazies, so life will indeed be easier and more fulfilling for me when my husband quits his job and starts directing this circus with me full time.

Not only have we made the decision to find our ideal forever home by RVing and exploring all the edges of North America, but also we LOVE to travel and we LOVE road trips. 

Two weeks ago, we went on a small road trip to camp for a few days by Lake Champlain in Vermont. What I realized on this trip, although I’ve thought about it occasionally previously, was I’m truly at my happiest when exploring a place I’ve never been. It also seemed this was true for our toddler and dogs (also brought along our beta fish). We all were blissfully exploring and playing, so why not live that pretty much everyday?

Traveling with kids full time rving

That is the question we have been asking ourselves over and over – why not live our happiest moments all the time – that lead us to this decision.

So here we go!

Follow along on our journey to pick our home on the road, remodel, and begin the traveling!

18 Comments on “Our Big Announcement!

  1. Sounds fun! Glad your husband will be able to help you “direct the circus”- love that! Excited to hear about your next adventure!

  2. So exciting! In a little scary. I can’t wait to hear more about your journey

  3. “We’ve made the decision to become full time RVers this coming spring.”
    That sentence, right there, causes both my daughter and I to become very jealous of you!! Ha ha! But in the nice, good way. We would LOVE to do what you are doing. I recently quit my job…maybe it is on the horizon for us!! 🙂

  4. I admire your adventure! I am sure so many cherished memories will be made on your journey. Good luck!

  5. Sounds absolutely amazing. I’m proud of your guys for making a bold and brave decision. It sounds so freeing and I LOVE IT!!! Good on ya and I pray that it is an uh-mazing journey xxxx

  6. This is so amazing! It’s great to pull the trigger and stop wondering and thinking about what your life would be like if you did something you’re passionate about! Great job!

  7. This sounds awesome! I am nowhere near as brave as you but I am looking forward to following along with you as you journey across the US – there’s so many places I have never been and I do like exploring vicariously through other people 😉

  8. That sounds amazing! I’m hoping that one day, my family and I can do something as crazy and wonderful as this!

  9. Congratulations 🎈 This is such an amazing and exciting time for you alll! I can’t wait to see you document your RV life!

  10. That is really exciting! I am so impressed by people who make the leap and go for a big change! Can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  11. I am proud and excited for your family!! My husband and I have always played with the idea of RVing too! Best wishes to you all! I am excited to follow your journey!

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