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Have you heard the term “Crunchy Mom?” It seems to be a growing label and group among modern mamas. I myself would consider myself a crunchy mama (as you may have guessed by looking at my website). I want to provide a base definition of a crunchy mom as well as look at the discussion around the label in order to help mamas find their tribe, find their own niche as a mama, and also gain more understanding of mamas you may not totally get or agree with.

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A “crunchy mom” is a woman on a quest for more information.  A mom who is environmentally, health, and socially conscious. defined a crunchy mom as a conscious parent and I found this very fitting. I think those who would consider themselves crunchy mamas aim to be just that, a more conscious parent; in most, if not all areas of parenting.

Crunchy moms are modern mothers who are more natural-minded and explore alternative paths and approaches to parenting.

As I see it, Crunchy Mom is a modern term to refer to more natural minded mamas who tend to do their own research and explore alternative paths and approaches of parenting. I’ve heard quite a variation of definitions of a crunchy mom, including some I would consider insulting, but I would never consider the title of crunchy mom as an insult because even if one does not agree with the approach, we must respect mamas who are just trying to do their best and care for their babies the way they think works best for them.

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As the definition of crunchy mamas varies, I know my definition may be much broader than some, but I think it is important to be as inclusive as possible and to include any mamas who are even interested in learning about the crunchy mama ways, as I think that is what the crunchy mama tribe is all about; sharing education, approaches, and support so we can all be our own best version of a mother.

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8 Comments on “WTF Is A Crunchy Mom

  1. I’m a pretty crunchy mom! My husband thought I made up that term until I showed him it was real haha!

  2. Every mom has a different approach to parenting. And Crunchy Mamas have their own way. I would say that I may have some aspects of being a Crunchy Mama.

    • Right! I think we all just need to support Mama’s in their efforts to do their best ❤️ Mom Life is hard enough.

  3. I’ve only ever heard it used in a megave way 🙁 But all things considered, I think I am a wanna- be crunchy mom! I try but sometimes I don’t pass up the Doritos at a party!!

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